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I’ve just read a story
about a bear
the story
is good
but the author
has never seen
a bear
just a man
pale and slow and enormous
in a bathrobe
nothing like the bears
I’ve seen so fast
and flexible and disarming
as sad as the story
about a miscarriage
and recovery and finding
a home and knowing
glances with strangers
who maybe know
and maybe don’t
but who am I
to judge a bear
from prehistoric
slumber hungry
for salmon
more than…

a story
about a bear
and the emotion
stirred in a story
on a page
not a forest
in spring
when all
is blooming.

razor iconDavid Morgan O’Connor is from a small village on Lake Huron. After many nomadic years, he is based in Albuquerque, where a short story collection and an MFA progresses. He contributors monthly to; The Review Review, New Pages and The MFA Years. His writing has appeared in; Collective Exiles, Cecile’s Writers, Bohemia Journal, Fiction Magazine, After the Pause, Headland, The New Quarterly and The Guardian.

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