“A new way of ‘seeing’ that goes beyond mere eyesight”

“A new way of ‘seeing’ that goes beyond mere eyesight”

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palbicki hand

Inspired by my ongoing explorations into daily meditation, the images in this series show other inquisitive beings like myself–although not necessarily human–experiencing moments of heightened awareness and wisdom.

These Insight Parables illustrate some of my own varied attempts at trying to better understand the nature of life, death, personal identity, and our unbreakable collective relationship to each other and the planet as a whole. By allowing the practice of meditation to inform my art and vice versa, I’ve uncovered a new way of ‘seeing’ that goes beyond mere eyesight…an inner vision that continues to sharpen with regular study and exercise.


Perhaps this ongoing sequence of contemplative paintings–like tiny lights strung along an endless path of self-discovery–might inspire others to arouse a similarly expansive world within their own hearts and minds, the ultimate goal being a more awakened global society that benefits all Humanity.

Read more about my creative path at Om Made Studios.

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