There is little room in the basement
for the monster to fit.
But he waits for me.

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Phoebe sleeping under stars,
so I go downstairs,
hunching my shoulders.

The monster sits at a card table
and begins his breathy gibberish
of sounds and symbols.

My hand moves on paper,
inked lines out of air,
and a figure appears.

A man stretching beyond his reach.

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razor iconW.T. Pfefferle is the author of My Coolest Shirt (Word Works, 2015), The Meager Life and Modest Times of Pop Thorndale (NFSPS Press, 2007), and Poets on Place (Utah State University Press, 2005). His poems have appeared widely, in Antioch Review, Confrontation, Connecticut Review, Cortland Review, Cottonwood Magazine, Gargoyle, Georgetown Review, Greensboro Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Indiana Review, Kentucky Monthly, Mississippi Review, New Orleans Review, Nimrod, North American Review, Ohio Review, South Carolina Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, and elsewhere. He lives in Savannah.

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