Paper Stories

Paper Stories

See “Blue Archive” and “Scraps” here

“Blue Archive” and “Scraps” are paper stories.

"Blue Archive" Photo by Fabio Sassi
“Blue Archive” Photo by Fabio Sassi

“Blue Archive”
The paper recycling center of my town is one of my fave spots to snap some weird pictures. One day I came across an old archive just arrived there. Then I edited the photo in blue, because I thought that the archive shouldn’t be happy to be recycled.

Each day our letter box is flooded with paper ads though we are living in the computer age.
Italian statistical data says that we got about 60 pounds of unwanted ads each year.
“Scraps” is a series about possible ways to be creative with the ads we receive each day in our letter box. One day I grabbed my old pasta maker, and I made a large amount of fresh paper tagliatelle. I put them randomly on the scanner; then I used a photo editor for the final touches.

"Scraps" Photo by Fabio Sassi
“Scraps” Photo by Fabio Sassi

–Fabio Sassi

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