Questionnaire for Indeterminate Purposes

Questionnaire for Indeterminate Purposes

Do you nap?

Did you have chicken pox,
wear footed pajamas?

What flavor is your floss?

Are your CDs in their correct cases?
What vinyl do you own?

"Blue Archive" Photo by Fabio Sassi
“Blue Archive” Photo by Fabio Sassi

Do you have a Smith Corona
or a Smith & Wesson?

Are your dreams in color or text?

When was your neck last kissed?

Right or left or

Are your journals etched
in ink or lead?

If Truth walked in the door,
what would she be wearing?

When did you first fall in love
with the em dash, and do you even believe
in ellipses?

Does the blank page make you excited
or nervous, and how would you describe
the difference between the two?

Complete the following:
Voice is to phone
as word is to __________.
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razor iconRosemary Royston, author of Splitting the Soil (Finishing Line Press, 2014), resides in northeast Georgia. Rosemary’s poetry has been published in journals such as Appalachian Heritage, Southern Poetry Review, NANO Fiction, The Comstock Review, Main Street Rag, Coal Hill Review, Flycatcher, STILL, Town Creek Review, and The Kentucky Review.

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