The Choice

The Choice

All Sisyphus’ silent joy is contained therein.
His fate belongs to him.
His rock is his thing.
—Albert Camus

Sisyphus chooses his rock,
perpetuity of ascent and fall,
celebration of a nothingness
that becomes something

if only in those steel lined eyes,Untitled
only in that iron throat that
inhaled the smoke of civilization
and expelled it

clean, shorn of the fog of words
that had died and refused to die,
parasites feeding too long
on the intellectualized flesh

of the damned, the unfree,
the epigones.
As even now the dance pretends,
the opera of escape draws in
its worshipers.
As on the unspoken slopes
somewhere on the dismal
mountain the single one

chooses at random the rock
of himself, frozen clay
waiting to be shaped
to the length of a lifetime,
his own,
his own.

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razor iconDoug Bolling‘s poetry has appeared in Basalt, Redactions, Tribeca Poetry Review, Water-Stone Review, Bluestem, Heron Tree Review and many others. He has received several Pushcart nominations and a Best of the Net nomination. He earned the MA and PhD at the University of Iowa and lives in the greater Chicago area while working on a collection of poems for 2016 publication.

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