Washing Up

Washing Up

In the foaming murk of the sink,
a knife grasped with too much vigor,

and the wrinkled finger cut —
no violence in it: a deep

but painless parting of tissue —
cells smoothly separated

from cells, and the few claret drops
the tap dissolves. The serrated blade

remains apathetic, innocent
in this small kitchen calamity,

an agent of happenstance.
And so we dive back in to fish

around this Grand Dishpan, seeking
to scour, to make clean and new,

fighting shy of that lurking edge,
and that final excision.

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razor iconKevin Casey‘s work is forthcoming or has recently appeared in Green Hills Literary Lantern, Paper Nautilus, Rust + Moth, San Pedro River Review, and other publications. A new chapbook, “The wind considers everything –,” was recently published by Flutter Press, and another from Red Dashboard is due out later this year.

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